MyCloakedLink has now closed due to script damage which occurred when the server was being upgraded. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I would like to offer all existing members the opportunity to join me at my largest advertising site, Viral Links Pro.

A programmer has installed Link Cloaking and Tracking as well as Link Rotators which are available to all members.

This will enable all former members of MyCloakedLink to access the same link cloaking and tracking at Viral Links Pro with the additional benefit of link rotators to promote on traffic exchanges.

I would also like to offer all those people who had paid accounts at MyCloakedLink a free lifetime upgrade at ViralLinksPro which carries a much greater value than their previous membership level:

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These memberships will enable you to cloak and track up to 100 and 1000 links respectively and also create up to 10 rotators (platinum members) and 20 rotators (JV members). They also both pay 100% commissions on all advertising and upgrade sales.

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If you had a paid membership level at MyCloakedLink please ignore all the one time offers and submit a support request at Viral Links Pro with your MyCloakedLink username and the Paypal transaction id. of your MyCloakedLink upgrade purchase. If this is no longer available please let me know and I will try to trace your username in my Paypal history.

Your upgrade at Viral Links Pro will be applied asap – usually within 24 hours and I will also give you lots of advertising so that you can promote your products and opportunities to over 1850 online entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers via solo, banner and text ads.